Jeannette Sears is a rock lyricist who with her husband of 36 years, musician Pete Sears, has written many popular and critically acclaimed songs, including singles and title tracks on Gold and Platinum albums, and videos for MTV.

A Light Rain of Grace, the story of a female rock star who survives in the music industry for over twenty-five years, is Jeannette’s first novel. Many of the themes of some of her best songs can be found in this book: forgiveness, social justice (with an emphasis on Central America), family and community values, and of course—love.

As with her songs, this novel will appeal to readers of all ages and interests. Because Jeannette has spent so many years in the company of rock stars, including Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, she writes with an insider’s perspective that is lively, intimate and often hilarious.

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Jeannette and Pete Sears (1977) Jefferson Starship - Rolling Stone Cover (1978) Pete & Jeannette Sears, Wedding (1975)
  • Grace Slick

    "With a seamless integration in storytelling, Sears blends the spot-on rowdy, funny and poignant bravado of the music business with the U.S. government support of the Central American death squads. Using a taste of Capulet/ Montague in the love story, she has woven together a great read for the politically interested rock fan."

    -Grace Slick: Rock Singer, Songwriter, Artist

  • Michael Krasny

    "Jeannette Sears has written an impressive first novel that will keep readers engaged with a vividly portrayed picture of a woman rock star and the frantic drug drenched, sexually promiscuous rock milieu of the 70's. Sears is able to bring alive the dark side of fame as well as some of the intermittent joys and the bizarre, often surreal escapades of the rich and musically talented. There is also a tender love story in this tale of women's friendship, there are poignant and moving lyrics, and there is also within the narrative a coming into political awareness of the harsh politics that were once all too ubiquitous in Central America. A must read."

    -Michael Krasny: Author, Literary Critic, & NPR Talk Show Host

  • Martha Mendoza

    "A Light Rain of Grace is, in the end, a narrative of love that travels from the intense and disturbing backstage of American rock and roll to the passionate and bloody revolution in El Salvador. The characters are troubled and imperfect, but written with such wisdom and compassion I found myself rooting for them, loving them, forgiving them. The entire novel breathes with authenticity that can only be pulled off by an author who was actually there, dancing in those smoky, raging concerts, shouting in the angry grit of Central America. Fast moving, hilarious and tragic, there are profound lessons here, lessons of politics and love and life."

    -Martha Mendoza: Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Journalist