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“Family Values” anthology reading

Sunday, Nov. 13th, I did a reading from the just released anthology, Tales From The House Band, at Borderlands Book Store in San Francisco. Pete had a gig, so he couldn’t be there, but our children and their spouses attended, as did four of my best friends. Six of the other authors were there and also did readings. This is a great collection of stories! I am enjoying getting to know the local writers’ community and am finding them delightfully individualistic with hints of eccentricity. … Continue reading

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More about my experiences in Central America

When I returned from Central America in 1975, there was no news about the brewing revolution in El Salvador and Guatemala. In fact, I believed that the government of Guatemala was fairly stable and that it was a great idea for my mom to build a hotel there. My husband, Pete, and I were enthusiastic about investing in it. Yes, I had seen the military with machine guns on every corner, but because Guatemalan and U.S. currency were even, I thought that unlike El … Continue reading

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