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More about my experiences in Central America

When I returned from Central America in 1975, there was no news about the brewing revolution in El Salvador and Guatemala. In fact, I believed that the government of Guatemala was fairly stable and that it was a great idea for my mom to build a hotel there. My husband, Pete, and I were enthusiastic about investing in it. Yes, I had seen the military with machine guns on every corner, but because Guatemalan and U.S. currency were even, I thought that unlike El … Continue reading

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Central America and my novel

Why did I write a novel about a famous rock star who gets involved with a musician from El Salvador? I thought I was going to write a book about my Southern grandmother and her life, but I scrapped it because I realized that I wasn’t ever going to understand my racist Granny on more than a surface level. I could only guess at her motivations, but could never truly grasp their roots or come to terms with them. And … Continue reading

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