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Jeannette Sears (1975)

As a lyricist for Jefferson Starship from 1978 to 1984, Jeannette Sears wrote the words for many of the bands popular and critically acclaimed songs, including: Stranger, Save Your Love, Awakening, Be My Lady, and the title track Winds of Change. These songs are featured on the Gold and Platinum albums: Freedom At Point Zero, Modern Times, Winds of Change, and Nuclear Furniture. A number of her songs were turned into some of the first MTV music videos and received heavy rotation.

Jeannette and her husband, Pete Sears, were active in the environmental and peace and justice movements of the 1960s and 70s, and are mentioned in the definitive book about Greenpeace, by Rex Whyler. In the 80s, their involvement deepened and their concept album, Watchfire, (by Pete Sears and Friends—including Jerry Garcia, Micky Hart, David Grisman, Babatundi Olatungi, Mimi Farina & Holly Near) was released by Redwood Records. Jeannette wrote the lyrics to all but one of the songs, and one was co-written with Mimi Farina. All the songs reflect Jeannette’s concern about the future of the planet and the effects of the United States’ disastrous foreign policy in Guatemala and El Salvador. Watchfire received critical acclaim and lyrics were quoted in many environmental magazines, which also used the songs to help promote fund-raisers for their NGOs. One of the songs, Guatemala, was turned into a powerful music video, partially funded by Jerry Garcia and the Rex Foundation, and directed by Emmy award winner, Ray Telles. The video was shown on Canadian MTV, but pulled by American MTV at the last minute because of the “violent” content. The objectionable footage showed actual scenes of a kidnapping by a death squad in Guatemala. The video was picked up by numerous organizations, including Amnesty International, and used to raise awareness about human rights abuses in Central America. Both Amnesty and Oxfam are still using it for their fundraisers.

Another solo album by Pete Sears, The Long Haul, also features a line up of great musicians, and lyrics by Jeannette Sears, including A Light Rain of Grace. Currently, she is writing songs with the popular group, MoonAlice.

Jeannette has just completed her first novel, A Light Rain of Grace. It is the story of a female rock star who survives and thrives in the music industry for over twenty-five years, overcoming drug abuse, the long-term effects of child molestation, and great loss. Many of the themes of some of her best songs can be found in this book: forgiveness, social justice (with an emphasis on Central America), family and community values, and of course—love. Jeannette is uniquely equipped to tell this story, having spent many years in the company of rock stars, including Janis Joplin and Grace Slick. She writes with an insider’s perspective that is lively, intimate and often hilarious.
Jeannette lives with her husband, Pete, in San Rafael, California.

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